Eventual Endings and Beautiful Beginnings

I am most likely the biggest procrastinator alive. The fact that I procrastinate and still get shit done is probably why I cannot seem to break the habit. But I recently turned 31 and the one thing I vowed to stop procrastinating on is my blog.

I had a blog that I formed on 1st February 2016, and for well over a year and a half I had only put up seven posts. Look up the definition of dismal and I am sure you will see seven posts in 19 months under it.

At first I named the blog Seeking Thee Great Perhaps. I was deeply moved by John Green’s Looking For Alaska, and originally wanted Seeking The Great Perhaps but unfortunately it was taken. After my mum died I renamed it to Daughter of JS, which I quite liked. But I am more than the daughter of the greatest woman that ever lived and I would like my blog to showcase all facets of my complex, multi-layered self.

Enter Lwile the Leo. Besides being a quintessential Leo I am also a big fan of alliteration, so I have finally “found the name of my dreams”. My name also greatly informed my decision to launch my new blog on the last day of Leo season. The first day of Leo season would have worked too, but I was in full procrastination mode then. Besides, Leo season begins in July and there is something magical about my birth month August.

I am excited to start this new chapter of my blogging life that will bring out my unique, larger than life personality in addition to focusing on some of my favourite things.

So grab a glass of wine and get ready for what is going to be a beautiful, wild, funny, fun and honest adventure.

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