Guest Post – The Warm Fruit

My Queer Kenyan Homecoming I hadn’t been back in ten years. I had spent the entirety of my twenties in America, and now here I was — a queer Kenyan girl with a foreign accent, a girl trying to remember how to properly roll her rs — going home for a few weeks. Would I fit in there? Did … Continue reading Guest Post – The Warm Fruit

I Is For Intentionality

I believe we all know the meaning of the word intentional. But what not everybody may be aware of is the fact that intentionality, while similar to the word intentional, does not just mean being deliberate or purposive. Intentionality is a philosophical concept defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as "the power of minds … Continue reading I Is For Intentionality

G Is For Girls With Tattoos Who Like Getting In Trouble

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. I put up that Harry Potter quote not too long ago on both my WhatsApp and Instagram stories. Almost immediately someone replied to my IG story: Him: I want in Me: Issa lifestyle Him: I could adopt it Me: You *should adopt it G was … Continue reading G Is For Girls With Tattoos Who Like Getting In Trouble