Guest Post – Judy Kaguchia

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Do you know what the best way to feel shitty about yourself is? Comparing yourself to others. Every day we come across people who seem to have their lives together. A seemingly better job, a better relationship, better body, better apartment etc. You look at them and you feel like … Continue reading Guest Post – Judy Kaguchia

Guest Post – Kare and Stewie

The beginning: The year is 2012 and Facebook groups are a real thing where people connect and talk about things they care about intimately. Kare and Stewie are part of such a group called Sub-zero Rock Maniacs (thank God for rock music!). There they talk about the songs and bands they love- some Breaking Benjamin … Continue reading Guest Post – Kare and Stewie

The Mother of All Losses – Franscina Omogo

Grief Etiquette 101 When I was twelve years old, my friend lost his father. I remember this so clearly because this was my first-time encounter with both loss and grief. After the teacher came for him in class, I didn’t know what to do or say so my child like mind created a safe space … Continue reading The Mother of All Losses – Franscina Omogo

Z Is For Zimenishika

Zimenishika zimenishika zimenishika yo Mahali nimefika zimenishika zimenishika yo Zimenishika zimenishika zimenishika yo Niki (puff puff) kimenishika yo Yassssssssssssss!! We are finally at the last letter of The Alphabet Series. Woohoo!! For the last letter of The Alphabet Series we are talking weed. Aka Mary Jane. Aka kush. Aka bhangi. Aka ganja. Aka shadda. Aka … Continue reading Z Is For Zimenishika