Cape Town Travel Diary

On 25 June, 2018 Ed Sheeran announced he would be taking the Divide World tour to South Africa. Needless to say, it was on like porn.


The first time I heard an Ed Sheeran song was probably when The A Team was on Rick Dees. I am not an album person though so I did not listen to his first album + (pronounced plus) for a very long time. His second album x (pronounced multiply) was one of my favourite albums of 2014 and is the reason I fell madly in love with him. But for a very long time I would pronounce the album title as “ex”. I think it was in 2016 when he released ÷ (pronounced divide) that I started calling x “multiply” at first go. I wonder if the next album will be titled – (pronounced subtract). Lol.

Long story short I absolutely love Ed Sheeran and when he announced the SA tour dates I definitely had to make it happen.

My sister, cousin, friend and I jetted down to Cape Town (CT) on March 21st. I have really tried to condense this post because I just have sooo much to say, so where I can I will let the photographs do the talking.

Thursday 21st

We left for CT with the 7:35 a.m. flight.


We travelled with Kenya Airways (KQ) and I just have to say their breakfast was utter shite. I had heard people complain about KQ’s meals but I never paid the conversation much attention as I do not travel often. Now I can confirm that their meals are absolutely terrible. Luckily I had the foresight to grab coffee and a pie at Java before the flight otherwise I would have been unbearably hangry.

We had a scheduled fuel stopover at Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) and what was initially meant to be a 40 minute layover became a 2 ½ hour one. A few minutes into “sitting on the tarmac” it hit us that we did not know if we were in Zimbabwe or Zambia. Please do not judge us. We are really smart women, I swear. Geography is just not our strong suit. Lol. Luckily my cousin noticed a map of Africa in the Msafiri magazine and we learnt that VFA is in Zimbabwe.

Following that debacle I challenged my peeps to name 30 African countries plus their capital cities. My sis is pretty good when it comes to trivia on capital cities, flags and logos. The rest of us, not so much. Lol. There was a Caucasian gentleman sitting in front of us who at first was sniggering as we tried very hard to name 30 capital cities. With time he went from sniggering at us to full on laughing. The shame. Lol.

Almost 2 hours later the captain finally decided we are better off flying “next door” to fuel in Zambia. It was the most turbulent flight I have ever experienced and I am glad I had not started drinking yet otherwise I would have definitely thrown up. 2 ½ hours after landing at VFA we were finally on our way to CT. Woohoo!!

Around 3:45 p.m. (over 2 hours behind schedule) we finally touched down in CT. Their airport is really dope in that it showcases some of the highlights the ‘Mother City’ has to offer. Sadly it was also the closest we got to Bo-Kaap, Robben Island and Boulder Beach.




We got to our Airbnb and I could not have been more pleased to see that it was exactly as advertised. This was my first experience with Airbnb and seeing as I was not catfished I am now more confident about using the platform.

That evening as our host took us to Shoprite to pick up our concert tickets and buy a few necessities I was downright shook to come across this billboard:


I had no idea weed is legal in SA. Kenya what the absolute fuck are you waiting for??!!! Also, I am still sad I missed the festival. Perhaps we should have landed on the day of the concert?

We arrived in CT on a public holiday, which was not news to us. What we were unaware of though is how early most establishments close in CT. There is also load shedding (power rationing) going on that we were unaware of, and of course we arrived on a day scheduled for load shedding *rolls eyes*. Typically most establishments close early, but that day being a public holiday, coupled with load shedding, everything closed super early. Even fast food restaurants like KFC and Burger King had closed their doors by 7 p.m. so finding somewhere to buy wine was quite challenging. As a result of the 2 ½ hour wait at VFA (thanks KQ *rolls eyes*) we ended up walking the streets in darkness searching for wine. We finally found a place that was open (Woolworths Food) and we were all extremely excited that our search had finally paid off. I even high fived my sis as she had spotted the wine from across the road which was very impressive seeing as it was dark and she rarely drinks. I was holding a wine bottle in my hand trying to decide if I want another one when the shopping attendant let us know that they do not sell alcohol after 8 p.m. It was 8:16 p.m. (I will never forget). We tried beseeching her but she did not budge. Turns out Mututho law is in full effect in CT.

We did luck out a bit in that we found a place that had an offer that day: buy two pizzas and get a bottle of wine free. I guess every cloud does have a silver lining. Lol.

Friday 22nd

I had the brilliant (modesty is overrated remember) idea to start off our week in CT with the wine tour. That way we start on a high (pun intended) and end on a high as well (with the concert).

Our tour was organised by Wine Flies and I cannot compliment them enough. If you are ever in CT and would like to go for a wine tour I highly recommend booking with Wine Flies.

We were picked up around 8:15 a.m. as we were the first ones on our guide’s route. Terrence (our guide) was, quite simply, everything. He was well versed in knowledge of the area and of wine (duh!). He was also really really really funny, charming, intelligent, witty, patient, and a shitload of fun. Oh, and he was cute too. Plus he had a tattoo of a wine bottle + a wine glass on his hand that I found absolutely brilliant. Methinks I shall get one as well. So many times during the day I kept (JOKINGLY) thinking “damn I am ready to be a second wife.” Lol.

Look at how happy I am. Lol

Our first stop on the tour was Usana Wine Farm where we got to sample a Pinot Gris, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon.



Our second stop was Lovane Boutique Wine Estate for a wine and chocolate pairing.


After that we headed for lunch (and more wine obvs) at Middelvlei Wine Estate where we were served a delicious Braai.




After lunch we headed to Villeria Wines for champagne tasting.


Villeria Nessa

Our last stop was Mitre’s Edge Wine Estate for a wine and cheese pairing.


Throughout the day Terrence kept dropping titbits of information that we would later be quizzed on. It was a tie between both teams and yours truly was able to secure the win by answering how many KFCs are in SA. The Luhya in me was so proud. Lol. For anyone wondering there are 860 KFCs.

That evening we finally bought some wine. Finally. As we were looking for somewhere to buy wine we came across Adult World, the first adult toy shop in SA. It was well-stocked but sadly they did not have any of the two vibrators I am looking for. They had this though, which errrm …



I also managed to buy some weed. As mentioned earlier I had no idea weed is legal in SA but upon learning that there was no fucking way I was not going to get some (hehe!). How I got the weed is an interesting story. My sister can attest as she was put on edge by the location, the seller and the seller’s wife. Lol. But that is not a story I will share here, for obvious reasons.

Saturday 23rd

This was day one of the Hop On-Hop Off Tour. We bought the three day package as we figured we could use it in lieu of a taxi when necessary. The Deluxe Hop On-Hop Off Tour is also inclusive of a free harbour/canal cruise as well as a sunset bus.

We started off with the Yellow Route – 7 stops, 33min, 7 km. It circles downtown past the Company’s Gardens, into District Six, and back along the Castle of Good Hope.


Once that was done we switched to the Red Route – 11 stops, 1hr 35min, 24 km. It goes through the V&A Waterfront, downtown, past Table Mountain, over Kloof Nek and back up the Atlantic Seaboard past Camps Bay, the Clifton Beaches, Sea Point and Mouille Point.

Camps Bay is one of the most stunning places I have ever seen, both in real life and on TV. To think that there are people who call it home.






We hopped off at V&A Waterfront which is also the bus’ last stop.


We explored the mall for a bit then had a late lunch at the Food Market. I have never seen anything like the Food Market before, both in real life and on TV. In fact, when it comes to food CT is miles ahead of Nairobi. I used to think Nairobi is a good benchmark in terms of eating out, but I knew nothing a la Jon Snow. I plan to explore this aspect further in my 420 post as I highlight one of my favourite things about 420: munchies.

After eating we went back to our Airbnb as we wanted to relax a bit before going out. We went to Cubaña … and I barely remember the night.

Pretty sure I took this pic. Do I remember taking it? No. What was I doing? No idea.

Sunday 24th

We opted for the Blue Route and Purple Route this day as we felt it best to do the longest route on a day with minimal traffic.

Blue Route – 14 stops, 2hrs 15min, 54 km. It takes you past Kirstenbosch Gardens, over Constantia Nek, into Hout Bay, and back along the Atlantic Coast, following the same route as the Red Route from Camps Bay to the V&A waterfront.

Purple Route – 3 stops, 30min, 7 km. It goes out to Groot Constantia Wine Estate and back past Eagle’s Nest, with the option of walking to Beau Constantia from the Constantia Nek stop.

We hopped off at Groot Constantia as we wanted to check out the oldest wine estate in CT. Fun fact, Ed passed by Groot Constantia as well on the day of his show on 27th.

Groot Constantia 1

Groot Constantia 2

Groot Costantia 3

From there we went to this gorgeous restaurant to have a glass of wine as we waited for the bus.


It was at this restaurant that I realised CT is white AF. Most, if not all, of the restaurants we went to during our trip had very few black patrons. In quite a few of those restaurants we were the only black patrons. It was rather disconcerting to notice that the only other people who looked like me were part of the staff. But as I was told CT is quite popular with tourists and we visited during peak season so maybe that is why …

Hout Bay was another stunning area. Just look at it. I love my city, but Nairobi could never.





Our initial plan was to do the Blue Route then take the Red Route to Table Mountain but on that day its “tablecloth was on” so the cableway was closed. And hiking was definitely not an option. So instead we alighted at V&A Waterfront and went on the harbour cruise.





After that we got takeout from the Food Market for the sunset bus as we were advised to pack a picnic to watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean from Signal Hill. IMO a picnic is not complete without wine so we picked up some at the Pick n Pay.




Guzzle guzzle

Also, Nairobi needs to import some decent Tetra Pak 1 litre wines. Penasol and Caprice are so yesterday.

Monday 25th

The morning started off with light rains and we were blessed with this magical view from our Airbnb.


This was the last day of the Hop On-Hop Off Tour so when the rain died down we took the opportunity to head to the beach. Or at least we tried to. The water was freezing and as CT is windy AF the sand was hitting us really fucking hard in the face. And on the legs … I was not ready. It was just so fucking painful. I was telling my peeps that if you have ever been curious about getting a tattoo, this is kind of what it feels like.

As in, it gets really windy.

After lunch at The Codfather (I cannot wait to share that experience) we went to check out Sea Point Pavilion (a public swimming pool) from the outside. Lol.


Our last stop of the day was V&A Waterfront. My cousin and friend went to check out Two Oceans Aquarium and my sister and I went shopping. Priorities. Lol.

Tuesday 26th

This was shopping day so we went to Canal Walk Shopping Centre which happens to be the fourth largest mall in Africa. I think we saw about 1/16th of it. Lol.

These huge ass malls can be very daunting if you are trying to tackle them in one day. After checking out a few shops here and there I decided to stick to MRP as I was certain to get stuff I liked there and at an affordable price. They had an offer on marked down items; buy three and get the cheapest item free. Cough cough Nairobi stores.

A successful shopping trip looks sth like this

We concluded the day with dinner at Cape Town Fish Market. I was very excited to dine there as it came highly recommended. They also allowed us to enter the restaurant with our trolleys so that was a huge plus.

Wednesday 27th


My cousin Vanessa is the biggest Ed Sheeran fan I know. Like, the only person who probably loves Ed more than she does is Cherry (his maybe-wife-definite-fiancée) and even that is debatable. Lol. So it is only fitting that she takes us through concert day in next week’s guest post.

I will share some of my favourite pics from the day though because I look cute in them and it is my blog and I can do what I want. Lol.










Jamming 1

Jamming 2

Jamming 3

Me 2

Me 3


Thursday 28th

Sadly all good things come to an end. Our flight was at 2:30 p.m. and we had planned to make it to the airport a bit early as we wanted to check out the duty free shops. But we still had quite a bit of wine left in the house and I can never ever leave alcohol behind so the morning was spent on guzzle guzzle mode and we got to the airport 15 minutes before boarding time. Priorities. Lol.


All in all it was an amazing trip. (Yes the post is long AF but believe me I really tried to condense it.) Going forward my peeps and I have agreed to go on one international trip a year. There is so much of the world to see, and travel is not accidental. You have to be really deliberate and intentional about it. So even as I relish my Cape Town adventure, my mind is already thinking about the next one.



3 thoughts on “Cape Town Travel Diary

  1. Yooooooooohhh!! I didn’t even realize that I had gotten to the end of the post! I’ve been to Jozi twice so CT is definitely a plan!
    I’m looking forward to the sequel!!


    1. This has made me very very very happy to know. So happy I am even commenting. Lol

      This post was a labour of love. I really struggled with being as succinct as possible while still telling a great story. But I’m clearly a very verbose person as it’s 2648 words. Which is about 1000 more words than I was hoping for. So to hear that despite it being long you did not realise you had gotten to the end of the post is the stuff writer’s dreams are made of


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