Guest Post – Kare and Stewie

The beginning: The year is 2012 and Facebook groups are a real thing where people connect and talk about things they care about intimately. Kare and Stewie are part of such a group called Sub-zero Rock Maniacs (thank God for rock music!). There they talk about the songs and bands they love- some Breaking Benjamin … Continue reading Guest Post – Kare and Stewie

Guest Post – Miriam Mwihaki Ndirangu

October, yet another month of breast cancer awareness, marked in countries across the world with the aim of increasing attention and support for awareness, early diagnosis, and treatment as well as palliative care for women and men facing this disease. Statistics have it that in every 8 women, 1 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. … Continue reading Guest Post – Miriam Mwihaki Ndirangu

Guest Post – Shey Kibuchi

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month Being a woman your likes, dislikes and perspectives undoubtedly change over time—and, though we may not realize all the ways, so does our body. Understanding how the stages of your life affect you can help you understand how to adjust your wellness routine as you age. Likewise, it can … Continue reading Guest Post – Shey Kibuchi

Guest Post – The Warm Fruit

My Queer Kenyan Homecoming I hadn’t been back in ten years. I had spent the entirety of my twenties in America, and now here I was — a queer Kenyan girl with a foreign accent, a girl trying to remember how to properly roll her rs — going home for a few weeks. Would I fit in there? Did … Continue reading Guest Post – The Warm Fruit