Mental Health Awareness Month – DawnMercy

Through my mental health journey, I’ve grown to learn that it loses its aspect of privacy and individuality just cause of what and who it ropes in along the way. In my case, my ongoing journey has roped in a few people, some were strangers who turned into family and others were family right from … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month – DawnMercy

Mental Health Awareness Month – Calm Wildness

I have been struggling to write this story because I would be the girl who occasionally has suicide ideations and has ever attempted suicide. This story would give me the label, and everyone would say how brave I am for telling it. Then they will turn and treat me like a broken vessel or an … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month – Calm Wildness

Mental Health Awareness Month – Soraya

My upbringing is what you would consider a typical Nairobi middle-class one; I went to good schools, participated in sports and clubs, was considered a good student all through my academic life into university, got a job and settled into “grown up life”. I had done all the things and checked all the boxes, but … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month – Soraya

Guest Post – Sanaipei Kosen

Per person sharing Song to listen to: River – Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran I am tired. Quite honestly. Of this “Nairobi culture” that exists within millennial dating. Of this infamous toxicity culture that has been exalted. Of the casual flings and sex that has foreshadowed genuine relationships. Where did we go wrong? At what point … Continue reading Guest Post – Sanaipei Kosen

The Month of Lymurit: A letter for Khaled Hosseini

A letter for Khaled Hosseini: You made me cry, thank you. Dear Khaled, When I was twelve and thirteen in primary school, I had an incredible Kiswahili teacher by the name Mr. Omari. We called him Bomari behind his back and said it as Bomaree and not Bomari because his manner deserved an expansion of … Continue reading The Month of Lymurit: A letter for Khaled Hosseini

Guest Post – Dieudonné Masiga

I must admit that I've been looking forward to writing for Valerie for quite some time now so I'm happy that the day is finally here. The concept of this piece was inspired by my short lived experience as a young primary school writer. I used to write rap songs and some random poetic pieces … Continue reading Guest Post – Dieudonné Masiga