The Month of Lymurit: A letter for Khaled Hosseini

A letter for Khaled Hosseini: You made me cry, thank you. Dear Khaled, When I was twelve and thirteen in primary school, I had an incredible Kiswahili teacher by the name Mr. Omari. We called him Bomari behind his back and said it as Bomaree and not Bomari because his manner deserved an expansion of … Continue reading The Month of Lymurit: A letter for Khaled Hosseini

Guest Post – Dieudonné Masiga

I must admit that I've been looking forward to writing for Valerie for quite some time now so I'm happy that the day is finally here. The concept of this piece was inspired by my short lived experience as a young primary school writer. I used to write rap songs and some random poetic pieces … Continue reading Guest Post – Dieudonné Masiga

Guest Post – Sandra Tacko

A LOVE LETTER TO NAIROBI Nairobi, the City under the sun. Hi. I am Sandra Tacko and I am crazy amazing. Welcome to Lwile's blog! Dear Nairobi, H-O-M-E. Home. A four-letter word. A four-letter word that describes you in every possible way. Photo c/o @fidel_tall The unpaved roads. The traffic-laden highways. The chaotic CBD. The … Continue reading Guest Post – Sandra Tacko

Guest Post – Mitchell Oyaro

Remembering Risper Nyambok Life is beautiful and fragile, filled with fulfilling highs and devastating lows. Unfortunately there are times along the way when you get to experience this contrast at the same time. That was me in 2015, the year I cleared high school. Risper Nyambok, my late aunt, was an independent, hardworking single mother … Continue reading Guest Post – Mitchell Oyaro