Thot Life

Two Fridays ago I was at Ankole with three of my colleagues. My boss offered to throw drinks, and after almost two weeks of no booze there was not a chance in hell I was going to refuse. Besides, does anyone really decline free booze?

Being a Friday, the place quickly filled up with fellow 8 to 5-ers TGIFing. Conversation punctuated by hearty laughter swelled around us. We were sitting at a booth near the kitchen, bitching about the annoying aspects of work and catching up on life in general.

A couple of cocktails in and the waitress hands me a note from a gentleman at the bar. Obviously I will not share details of the note, but just know he wrote down his number and asked me to please call. I thought it was exceedingly cute. I tucked the note away as I was not going to call him just then, I was still having a good time with my colleagues.

When I was ready to leave I called him, thinking I would say hi and bye on my way out and maybe make plans to meet up later. Turns out he had left by then but had not gone far. He offered to turn back to come meet me which I found even cuter than the note.

When he showed up we spoke for a little bit before I informed him that I was just about to head home. He was concerned if I would be able to drive, and I told him I was fine. I do not believe in drunk driving. I find it highly irresponsible. Everyone knows someone or knows of someone who died from drunk driving yet we still continue to do it. Even worse is when an innocent party ends up getting injured or killed. So no, I do not drink and drive. Know your limit and stick to it. If the night ends up being more lit than you can handle, take a cab. With the affordability of Uber et al., the cab fare you try to save by driving is just not worth a life.

All that being said, I was grateful for his concern, however misplaced. To alleviate his unease I suggested he drives behind me if it will give him peace of mind and he was happy to. A gentleman or a fisi? You decide.

We get to my apartment and he suggests coming in to “see” the place. Or maybe he really did want to see it, who knows. We go in and I give him a tour of the place. We get to my room, I do not remember who jumped whom but we end up making out. It was fantastic, and completely unlike me. I am the type of girl who prefers getting to know someone first before anything can happen. My usual MO is to hang out a few times, preferably over dinner and/or drinks, for me to establish your ability to fuck my mind. Without that mind fuck, no clothes are coming off. I am not saying I must catch feelings, but we need to be able to hold a conversation at the very least. If you can make me laugh the better. It is also important for me to know you are a decent human being. Fuck boys are not my aesthetic.

Making out with this guy was fun though. I am a spontaneous person but I also know my boundaries. I am completely aware of all the facets of my huge personality and rarely do things out of character. So maybe that was the appeal; the fact that it was reckless but still controlled, within character. I have not put much thought into it. I am going to chalk it up to a thot-like Friday night. I am looking forward to seeing him again all the same, this time with less booze and more clothes.

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