Audacious And Authentic

One of my friends sent me that message on my birthday exactly four months ago and it really stayed with me. Today is her birthday – happy motherphucking birthday Esther!!!

I can easily be described as audacious. Both the positive description (showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks) and the negative description (showing an impudent lack of respect). I am daring, bold and courageous but I am also defiant, insolent and rude. Everyone does not get the same version of me. One person might tell you I am a good person and another person might tell you I ain’t shit. Believe them both because I act accordingly. Only when provoked though is when the bad side of me comes out to play. I consider myself a nice person overall. Flawed, but still a good person.

I am also an authentic person. I say what I mean and I mean what I say to the extent that some might call me too honest. Authenticity is key for me, which is why my circle is so small. I despise fake people. I have been burned by fake fucks in the past and I no longer have any desire to make new friends. Acquaintances? Sure. Friends? Hell no!

I also do not try to be anyone but who I am. If you read the About Me section you will notice that I embrace both the good and bad traits of my sign: fiery, huge ego, loyal AF, bold, bossy, big personality, way too real, intelligent, domineering, arrogant, passionate, impatient, opinionated, generous, headstrong, funny. I am who I am and unapologetically so. It took me some time but I love every part of myself; the good, the bad, the ugly. I really resent it when people try to change me. We cannot all be the same and that is the beauty of life. Our diversity is what makes life interesting. I am aware of my flaws, and while I try to minimise them, they are a part of who I am.

So I kept coming back to the words audacious and authentic and I knew I had to use them somewhere. With time I realised that over and above putting up a post titled ‘Audacious And Authentic’, I want the words to be part of my blog’s personality. And I think so far so good. Whether I am talking about my mum’s journey with cancer or the fact that I am not having any sex, my blog is audacious and authentic.

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