Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer And Your Best Friend Closest

For those who may not know, when I mention my BFF on the blog I am referring to Adelle Onyango. The magnetic, unapologetic, affable, incomparable Adelle Onyango.

Adelle and I met during her last days as a 15 year old. She turned 30 this year so I have known her for half of her life!! Because of that she usually jokes how I know all her secrets so she cannot afford to kosana with me. Lol.

Two things that stand out in my friendship with Adelle is:

  1. We have never fought
  2. We have been through similar situations in our very different journeys

July 30th is International Day of Friendship. I had singled out this day last year when working on my 2019 content calendar, but the plan was to write this blog post. Then Adelle’s Legally Clueless podcast happened and we thank God o because I get a (much deserved) break from writing. I reached out to Adelle to ask if we could record something for International Day of Friendship and of course she was down.

As much as Adelle says I know all her secrets, this podcast made me realise that she knows me just as well as I know her, if not better. Yaani there were things I had totally forgotten about that she reminded me during our conversation. We are never ever kosanaing for shit. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your best friend closest or die. Lol.

The podcast is just under 45 minutes long but I swear we laugh for half of that. Which is why I say it is always happy hour with Adelle. We kick off the podcast from the day we met 14 years and 3 lifetimes ago. Do have a listen and I hope it moves you to wish your friends a Happy International Day of Friendship at the end of it.

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