Guest Post – Birgen Lotter

Pain In Pleasure

Recently a few female friends of mine asked me how do they tell a guy what they want and not sound weird. I told them to be open with their partners. After all, sex is supposed to be a two way pleasure street. Although, I normally prefer the needs of the woman to come first but then again who am I other than a boy with raging hormones who likes to write porn as some put it. That aside, let me drive you through an intricacy, which was way out of my league.

“Are you into vanilla or dark chocolate type of thing?” She asked licking her lips all seductively.

“Well I like it dark, what is your naughty mind thinking?” I asked back.

“How about I will show you this weekend cause your answer just fascinated me.” She said while smiling.

We finished our lunch since she was heading back to work. “I had a nice time, though next you are doing more than lunch.” She said as she walked away.

Her name was Trizor; caramel glowing skin, beautiful eyes with nice set of teeth, which intimidated mine. I had met Trizor through a friend of mine. At first she had proved to be a challenge considering I could not get past ‘How was your day’ text. However, what maketh a man if not a challenge. After two weeks, yes, two whole weeks is what it took me so that I could get a sit down with her. During this while, I almost gave up but she had a way to mess with my mind. Every time I thought of deleting her number, she would hit me up and strike a conversation that just had me head over heels but finally I got to talk to her face to face and I was mesmerized all through the date. She was dressed in a long blue casual maxi dress, which hugged her curves just right. She did have the usual tummy but this made her body figure look just right. Her short Arab hair matched her eyes and my favourite part about her was her legs. Trizor had legs for days, I am not usually legs type of person but with her, it was different.

During the lunch date, we had planned to go out over the weekend. However, I never understood why she asked about vanilla and dark chocolate. In my mind I knew we were talking about ice cream or something along that line but little did I know I was in for a surprise. The weekend was here, I was all dressed up ready to hit the club.
“Book us a room at Hotel Eureka and pick the one with the king size bed. I will meet up with you once I get out of work.” Trizor instructed me.

I was confused not sure of what she had in mind and she neither willing to tell. I took a room which had a view of the busy Nairobi CBD. After thirty minutes of counting people, Trizor finally arrived. She was in a long black trench coat, her legs covered in black net stockings and a medium sized duffle bag.

“What’s in the bag ama you are running away?” I asked jokingly

“Wacha maswali mengi utajua tu.” She replied.

She locked the door, took off her coat and damn I was dumbfounded. Those few seconds of taking off her coat were magical. The way it slid off her soft caramel skin unveiling her side set boobs. She had nothing apart of red lacey panties and black stockings.

“Umetembea hivyo tao na huogopi?” I asked naively.

“Eeeeh, I got turned on when baridi ilikuwa inapiga all the right places,” she said kinkily.

I knew I had to have her but then again I wanted to admire her just as she stood. Lust over her as I tortured myself; deny myself the urge to tear her up. She drew closer to me and went straight for my zipper. I tried to hide my boner but clearly, she had taken note of it. I did not want her to think that all it took to get me off was just one look but that is all it did. One glimpse and my mind was at ‘naked Island’. I kissed her soft lips slowly, gripping her firm ass as I lifted her to the table. I did not want foreplay, no teases; just straight up burry my cock inside her, feel the warmth of her pussy.

“Relax, the night is long plus I brought us a few things to play with.” She whispered as she pulled away from me. At this point I was lost, the feeling of her soft hands on my cock stroking it slow while she rubbed my balls. Damn this woman knew how to get me heated up. She pulled out a bandana, pink hand cuffs covered with fur, lube and a small belt. I was scared, I thought I would be another victim of BDSM. At that time, Fifty Shades of Grey had hit cinemas, it was a blockbuster movie and apparently, women were trying out what they had watched to us men. I had come to have sex; make pleasure not war.

She crawled up the bed, spread her arms and legs and asked me to cuff. I never got the idea behind the whole being tied up but as long as I was not on the other side of that belt I was relieved. Blinded folded her eyes using the bandana and I now I knew it was time. She wanted to be teased I could tell from how she licked her lips. I kept leaning in kissing her for a few seconds then pulling away. The frustration and desire to want to hold me into place was showing. She kept arching her back up showing the unending desire to have me. I worked her whole body with my mouth and tongue. Starting from her neck, going down her boobs lingering on her nipples for a moment or two. They were stiff, each stroke of my tongue on a nipple made her moan softly.

“Usitoke hapo kwanza, suck them some more,” she said as her breathing increased.

I was in charge and the position she was she was not supposed to give orders. I moved down her belly slow, playing with her navel a bit and I found my way to her thighs. Her body scent was sort of vanilla, which made one just one to smell her more. I moved up her thighs to her honeypot. I brushed my tongue over her clit making her cringe her legs. Breathing warm air over her pussy built the agitation she was in. I started working her pussy slow, licking the sides of her labia as I built the anticipation in her. Her clit was throbbing with every lick I gave it. I flicked on it faster as my hands rubbed her nipples.

I could see the build- up in her but also the tension of wanting to break loose. To be able to grab me and bury my head deep into her pussy. Her juices were overflowing she was more than dripping. I slid in two fingers slow as I still worked on her clit.

Pain In Pleasure 1.jpg

“Fuck nifungue mikono I want to hold you,” Trizor pleaded while wrapping her legs around me.

But this is what she wanted, this is what she had asked for me and I was to give it to her. I increased the pace of my tongue and hand action. Her moans grew louder and louder. She squeezed me with her thighs but I did not stop. The feeling of my rough tongue on her throbbing clit sent her to heaven. I could tell she was not able to hold anymore. She was about to let go of the intense build up; the urge and pressure she felt to climax. So I pulled away before she could and paused just to admire her in distress.

“Shit what’s wrong? Mbona umewacha na you were doing good?” she roared.

“The night is still young, huwezi cum just like that.” I replied smirking.

From the sound of her voice, she was furious that I had stop. I took pleasure in seeing her frustrated. Never had I had this type of feeling. Drawing pleasure from ones frustration. It felt mean and evil but good and satisfying at the same time. I removed her cuffs but before I could take off the blindfold, she jumped right on me. No hesitation, no signals. Like a hungry animal on its prey, she grabbed me. She only gave me little room to wear the condom and after I was right inside her. The feel of her warm tight walls engulfing my stiff cock was heaven. At the same time, I was in fear she might break my manhood.

Pain In Pleasure 2.jpg

She dug her nails on my back as she rode me hard. She was not going to go slow. It was as if she taking out her frustration. Trizor was a beast and in an usual way, this turned me on even more. Her moans distracted me from the nails on my skin, her ravaging ways were something I had not seen before. She was going to kill me!

Just as I was about to burst a nut she stopped and reached out for the duffle bag she had. She took out what seemed to be like a vibrator. “Isn’t my cock big enough or she is mocking me?” I kept banging my head on the inside, questioning if I am not enough for her. She applied some liquid on it then turned around head facing north.

Pain In Pleasure 3

“Niingize but slow usiniumize” she requested

I paused to think for a while, “Is this what it had come to?” I asked myself. As I pushed it in her pussy she stopped me.

“Si hapo, meant kwa ass…”she said as she directed my hand up.
I was shocked; I had never done this before. I had heard of such but never thought I would witness it. Although, she took it with ease and asked me to fuck her hard. That was my cue to get into position. Her ass cheeks were round and motivating. I rammed her with no regard for pain. She kept pushing her body back, pressing hard on my cock. The tag of pleasure between us was growing intense. I felt the walls of her honeypot tightening on my cock. I could not hold it in, I had to free myself of pent up emotions and pleasure.

I let out a low groan signaling my end. Letting go inside her felt good as I lied on her back to catch my breath. She started rubbing her pussy and seconds later she lying on the bed being worn out.

“If you held on just a little longer we would cum at the same time. But that was an immense moment. Nimechoka mpaka nahisi njaa.” She said

Looking at my phone it was 1 am. “Vibrator ilikuwa ya nini and I was here, that is offensive to me.”

“Aaaah hiyo ni anal plug, pole if it seemed that way but I had no intentions of undermining you,” she explained she cuddled up on my chest falling asleep. As I tried to catch some too I was just thinking of the actions I had done that night while people knew I was in Nakuru playing. But who wouldn’t want to relive a moment like this?

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