Guest Post – Kare and Stewie

The beginning:

The year is 2012 and Facebook groups are a real thing where people connect and talk about things they care about intimately. Kare and Stewie are part of such a group called Sub-zero Rock Maniacs (thank God for rock music!). There they talk about the songs and bands they love- some Breaking Benjamin here, some Paramore there. One day Kare discovers Twitter and decides she needs all the followers she can get. She asks the Sub-zero Rock maniac members for their Twitter handles and it is then that she and Stewie follow each other. It is from this that a beautiful story starts to be created and babies are made as a result.

Okay, not so fast. Before we have a crush on each other and make babies, we had an argument on the timeline on who has a greater ego. We settled on an ego contest in person. Stupid, right? Well not entirely because that ego contest (that did not even happen when we eventually met) is the reason we just celebrated our 7th Valentine’s Day together, the reason we made a beautiful baby together, the reason we sleep cuddled next to each other every night, and hell the reason we will fill the earth with generations of Kares and Stewies :-P. We exchanged numbers in the DM 8 years ago and here we are 🙂

How we are alike:

  • We are both sapiosexuals (that is how we ended up together in the first place 😉 )
  • We both really love football
  • We are both sooooo competitive (it is a problem when we are not on the same team, e.g. when playing against each other in a game of poker)
  • We both really love food (Domino’s pizza is lately our biggest love)
  • We both really love Audis – The Q7 is the family car we intend to buy in the next few years
  • We agree on a ton of other things and every day we keep discovering this

How we are different:

  • Kare is a Manchester United fan, Stewie is a Chelsea fan. Since we mentioned how competitive we are you can guess how problematic it becomes when we are playing Premier League games against each other
  • Kare is really extroverted, Stewie not so much, though over time Stewie has started being an extroverted introvert 🙂
  • Kare hates the smell of soil when it just starts to rain, Stewie does not mind it at all
  • Kare loves the smell of diesel/petrol, Stewie can just about tolerate it
  • Kare is an emotional wreck. She cried a hell lot when they watched When They See Us. Stewie was moved alright, but he would never shed a tear no matter how true and sad the story is 😀

Pros of being in love and being married to the person you love:

  • “Good use of morning wood”- Stewie in all his glory advises that morning wood should not be wasted
  • You have someone by your side to help you solve your problems, problems you wouldn’t have if you were single anyway 😀

Kare and Stewie pic 1

  • You have someone to take care of you 24/7. You do not have to nurse a cold/fever alone.
  • After a tough day you get to go home to the person who means the world to you. Just knowing in the evening you will get a massage from your bestie makes a tough day move faster
  • It makes financial sense- you are able to budget together, pay bills, save and make investments together

Are there challenges to being married?

  • The only challenge in our book is that being married to your best friend means when you are angry at them, you are so sulky because the same person you offload your frustrations to is the same one you currently don’t want to talk to 😀

How to keep the romance alive:

  • Keep doing what you were doing when you were hitting on each other. Don’t stop the dates, the texts, and the gifts
  • Try out new hobbies together. Kare has now become a fan of watching stuff and Stewie has become a reader thanks to exchange of hobbies 😀
  • Even after the babies come, prioritize your relationship. Do not get so lost in parenthood that you forget your love

Top Tips:

  • Respond to that DM. Your soulmate could just be a DM away 😉
  • Get married to your best friend. Imagine finding love and friendship in the same person. Now don’t imagine it, make it the story of your life 🙂

Kare and Stewie pic 2

Editor’s note – Kare is part of the Project AKILI team, a group of young people passionate about mental health and eager to discuss this crucial topic. Last year on February 20th (her birthday btw, so HAPPY MOTHERPHUCKING BIRTHDAY EVE BABE) she wrote a guest post titled Love and Mental Health that you can read here.


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