Let’s Talk Pleasure Coach Tyomi’s Cowgirl Workout Tour

If you follow me on Twitter it is quite obvious that I have the best boyfriend in the world and I am having the best sex of my life.

Humble brag

I wrote all about THE MOST fire flames sex I am having in a previous blog post that you can read here. My mans may be slightly younger than me but do not let his age fool you. The kid’s got moves!


He has the stamina because he works out.


He also has the Greek god body because he works out.


I have come to expect nothing but fire flames sex from my mans but there was a specific day he sexed me so good that it changed the game.

Monday January 13, 2020 started out like any other morning. My alarm went off at 6:30 a.m., as per usual. I spent a few minutes being sad that it is Monday morning, as per usual.

Monday morning

I cuddled with my boyfriend as we checked in on how the other slept, as per usual.

What was not usual was the morning sex that came next.

I was up, down, left, right, centre. I was on my back, on my stomach, on my knees. I was fucked slow, fast, hard, rough, deep. I was in the middle of the bed, at the head of the bed, at the foot of the bed, dangling off both edges of the bed. I was choked, I was bitten, I was spanked. Long story short, I was pounded like yam!

I am only slightly exaggerating when I say that the morning sex that Monday changed my life. As I lay on my bed in a multi-orgasmic haze one thought kept running through my mind in epic post-nut clarity:


On the penultimate day of December 2019 I came across this tweet:

Cowgirl Workout 1Cowgirl Workout 2

I thought about it for a bit but it was quickly overshadowed by more pressing concerns like what I was going to do for New Year’s Eve. I shelved the tweet under “To Be Considered” and it mostly stayed there until that morning of Monday January 13, 2020 when I had THE BEST MORNING SEX OF ALL TIME. I am not kidding when I say I kept thinking over and over and over again that I NEED TO UP MY GAME! So best believe I bought a spot in the workshop that very night just before 11 p.m.


The workshop was supposed to be held live and in person on March 20, 2020 at 7 p.m. but due to the Coronavirus pandemic it was moved online. The workout was a shitload of fun and Tyomi was just wonderful. I mean someone who says:

I’m training you to be an assassin! I’m training you to finish him! Take his soul!

is bound to be all kinds of wonderful 🙂

The workout was very sweaty but also very sexy. Plus us Kenyan ghels really came through for Tyomi as she revealed during the workout that we were the biggest class she has ever had both locally and internationally.

Well ...

I had a fabulous time working out and was excited about what was to come *cough cum* later that night.

Assasin in training

Spoiler alert: we had some bomb ass sex and my mans blacked the fuck out after he came. I even had to cover him with a blanket as he was out like a light *Drake voice*.


As I conclude lemme bless my fellow ladies with some wicked wisdom that Tyomi shared with us during the workout:

When you decide to get on top, only get on top when he is rock hard and at a seven in his pleasure scale. So think of arousal like a scale of 1 – 10. When men get to a 7, they can go from 7 – 10 really quick. Or from 6 – 10 really quick. So don’t let him trick you into getting on top out the gate. If you get on top out the gate that’s your fault. It’s your fault and you gone be up there for a minute. But this supposed to be a finishing move, okay. So you only wanna get him when he’s at a seven and you should know your man. And if you don’t know your man by now pay closer attention to how his body is responding when he gets close to his climax. So if you know you’ve already done, you know few missionary positions whatever, maybe some doggy style, if he wants you to get on top get him when he is close to finishing. So then you can snatch his soul and you can go make you a sandwich.

I Stan

Lastly to the man who inspired me to want to up my game:

Happy Sexiversary bebé



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