Guest Post – Sandra Tacko


Nairobi, the City under the sun.

Hi. I am Sandra Tacko and I am crazy amazing. Welcome to Lwile’s blog!

Dear Nairobi,



A four-letter word.

A four-letter word that describes you in every possible way.

Photo c/o @fidel_tall

The unpaved roads. The traffic-laden highways.

The chaotic CBD. The soothing nature walks in Arboretum.

The addictive street foods. The best international cuisines on all major restaurants and hotels.

The Nyama Choma.

The local beer.

The vibrant culture.

The rugby 7’s tournaments, the football tournaments, the live music shows, the club-hopping-

They all scream you. They all scream Nairobi.

They all scream home!

Nairobi yangu, Nairobi yangu

My city in the sun

Nimeishi New York, LA and London

And they were nice

Nimeona Amsterdam, Barcelona and Istanbul with my own eyes


Kuna city moja, Where I found love

– Gilad.

Nairobi, I admire your tenacity!

The 1998 US Embassy bombings, the 2012 Al-Shabaab attacks, the 2013 Westgate Mall Shootings and the 2019 Dusitd2 complex attack are all horrors that you’ve faced and you are still standing strong!

Despite the insecurity lurking in the corners, the squandering of your resources by public offices, you still exude an air of possibility.

You are still welcoming, and open to all!

You are still bustling with energy!

You are still vibrant!

You are still the green city, standing strong, under the sun!

Photo c/o @tintseh

I have written letters to Paris and Barcelona talking about experiencing-visiting them for a while-

I have daydreamed about living in South Africa for a year or two-


I want to travel the world. I want to always come back to you.

Nairobi yangu.

I love you,

Sandra Tacko.


This is my fourth installment in the ‘Love Letters’ blog series. I hope you liked it.

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Remember to always stay in your magic❤

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