Guest Post – Dieudonné Masiga

I must admit that I’ve been looking forward to writing for Valerie for quite some time now so I’m happy that the day is finally here.

The concept of this piece was inspired by my short lived experience as a young primary school writer. I used to write rap songs and some random poetic pieces in my free time so it was good to go down memory lane while creatively coming up with this short piece for her blog.

Unless Valerie doesn’t want me to write for her again, I’ll definitely feature on in the future.




She’s got a smile like no other and looks just like her mother.

And her heart’s so big like the land down under.


Queen of the fancy dress, always looks fresh to death.

With shoes for every occasion, there’s so much more I could mention.


Hundreds of bottles stacked, she’s a wine connoisseur.

I often wonder how much more expensive alcohol Lwish can secure.


She’s got astonishing taste in men with dreadlocks and facial hair.

No wonder young, fine gentlemen like her boyfriend are so rare.


Fuck boys ain’t her aesthetic, she’s allergic to them.

If it wasn’t for “Bruce Banner” she’d have given up on men.


Listens to Taylor Swift, listens to Ariana.

Tattooed across her chest similarly to Rihanna.


Chocolate and Christmas movies, she likes to start them early.

That combo isn’t better than watching the sunrise in Diani.


Feet deep in the sand while having a solo stroll.

I know she wants to have a place by the beach to call home.


Gifting her from time to time is the way to her heart.

The element of surprise, that’s a good way to stunt.


When it comes to Lwish there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.


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