33 Facts About Me

According to my content calendar, ‘Who I Am’ is meant to be the title of today’s blog post, but the truth is I am sooo tired of writing. So in lieu of that, but still keeping with the theme of what today’s post was supposed to be about, I am sharing 33 (because I am 33 years old) facts about me.

  1. If I could change anything about myself, what would it be?

My need to always be in control as my therapist keeps telling me that I will begin to find lasting happiness and peace when I stop stressing about things I have no control over.

2. Would I rather watch: action, romance, fantasy, or horror?

Hmmm … I really cannot choose among these four genres when it comes to TV because I enjoy them all. However if the question was ‘would I rather read’ then my answer would definitely be romance. I say all the time that romance is my favourite book genre and Nora Roberts is my favourite author of all time.

3. Do I forgive others easily?

Nope! And, fun fact, that is the only Leo trait I do not possess as Leos are said to be very forgiving. When someone wrongs me it takes me some time, if at all, to forgive them. And even if I manage to forgive, I never ever forget.

4. Where do I like to go to relax or hang out?

The beach!!!! There is just something about the vastness of the ocean that makes my problems seem so small in comparison.

5. Am I afraid of a challenge?

Not even a little bit. If anything I love a challenge because I know I can do anything once I set my mind to it and the feeling that comes with accomplishing something you set out to do is sooo orgasmic.

6. What do I want to be remembered for?

I would love to be remembered for playing a part in changing the narrative in how mental health struggles are perceived in society. I want anyone struggling with their mental health to know it is okay not to be okay. That there is nothing to be ashamed about in asking for help. That in fact there is great strength in the vulnerability, courage and honesty it takes to accept that you need help and to go ahead and ask for it.

7. How do I want people to feel when they are with me?

Unafraid to be their true, authentic selves.

8. What is my biggest fear?

Grief. I do not fear death, but after my mum died I became terrified AF of grief because it can really really REALLY break you. I would give anything to go through the rest of my life without having to lose another person I love.

9. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

Introvert. I LOOOVE my alone time and often find people so exhausting! However before my mum was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given five years to live, I definitely identified as an extrovert. Carl Jung describes an introvert as someone who has to be alone to re-energize while an extrovert is energized by being around people. Before my mum’s health began to rapidly deteriorate in 2014 I was a shitload of fun and liked loved being around people, whether we were out partying or in a more muted setting bantering.

10. If you went back to school, what would you like to study?

A Bachelor of Education in English and Literature. I would looove to be a professor of English and with time get the University to set up a CSR program that teaches children from low-income households to read, therefore introducing them to a lifetime of the magic of books.

11. Am I a tidy person or a messy one?

A VERY tidy one.

12. What is my favorite hobby?


13. What is my biggest dream?

To write for Taylor Swift. In whatever capacity possible. Whether that means cowriting a song with her, or her using one or more of my sentences in a song/social media caption …  anything!

14. What do my friends respect me for?

My honesty. Though I am also known for being too honest at times but I have been working on that over the last couple of years.

15. Where would I go to eat: sushi, Italian, Mexican or steakhouse?

DEFINITELY ITALIAN!!! Pizza and wine for the win!! I also looove me some pasta! Nom!

16. What are 5 adjectives to describe me?

Loud. Real. Intelligent. Loyal. Bold.

17. How do I feel about failure?

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, always you learn. Failure is a necessary and unavoidable part of life because you cannot kick ass in everything you do, the first time you do it. It is important to build your craft and doing so always takes time and always comes with some Ls.

18. What am I best at?

Organising/planning things as I am extremely detail-oriented. Sweardown my eye for detail is one of my superpowers.

19. What was a really special moment in my life?

My 28th birthday. A cousin of mine planned a surprise dinner for me that day and not only have I never felt as loved and appreciated as I did that day, I am also sure I will never have a better birthday. Not just because of the beautiful, loving, well-thought-out surprise, but because of what the gesture did for my soul. It reignited my fire for life. It made me realise that, as difficult as it will be, I can live in a world where the love of my life does not exist. That party was my lifeline and it was because of it that, after years of trying, I finally stopped smoking.

20. When was I happiest?


21. What is the earliest memory I have?

My first day of school. I did not go to Kindergarten and went straight to Pre-Primary One, a mistake my mum did not make later on with my younger siblings. I was always very attached to my mum so when it was time to drop me off in school I cried sooo hard and refused to let go of my mum’s skirt/the bottom of her dress. The more my teacher tried to pull me away from my mum, the harder I cried and latched on to her but eventually they got me and my tears into the classroom. I did not speak any English before I started school and I went to a very bougie school in Karen where everyone spoke English. So my classmates were coming up to me asking why I was crying and trying to comfort me, but because of the language barrier I could not understand what they were saying, which only made me cry harder. I remember at break time I was sat at a desk with my snack and Vimto juice box but I did not indulge as I was STILL crying. Lol.

22. What did I want to be when I grew up?

As a child I wanted to be a doctor. A cardiologist to be specific. And then Biology entered the chat in Form One and I dropped it like it was hot in Form Three. Lol.

23. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Vanilla and anything with a vanilla base e.g. vanilla with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie/chocolate ripple etc. Dairyland’s Biscotti is my current fave though. Sooo good!

24. What time of day do I feel most energized?

9 a.m. to midday.

25. What has been my biggest challenge so far in life?

Learning to live in a world where the love of my life does not exist.

26. Do I prefer a Mac or a PC?

PC. The tech idiot I am cannot handle a Mac.

27. What makes me happy?

The beach. Nora Roberts and Kristin Hannah books. Eating something YUMMY. Smoking up and listening to music. Grey’s Anatomy. Supernatural. Saturday mornings listening to Rick Dees.

28. What is my perfect Sunday?

Wake up around 10 a.m. and read in bed for an hour or so. Break my fast earlier than usual with a light breakfast between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. as I either continue reading or go on social media. That is the only window of time I dedicate to social media as I am very deliberate with spending as little time as possible on my phone on Sunday. Which is also why I do not go on WhatsApp on Sunday unless there is a message that requires my immediate attention. At around 2 p.m. I have a decadent lunch as I watch the week’s episodes of the TV shows I follow, from my least to most favourite show. Skincare Sunday is a thing for me so I always do a very elaborate skincare routine on Sunday, preferably in the early evening. Last but not least I like to smoke up and end the week with some bombass weed sex because weed sex is EVERYTHING!!! and my man knows how to DICK. ME. DOWN!!!!

29. What things do I really admire about other people?

I really admire people who are easily able to forgive and forget. People who do not sweat the small stuff and do not worry about things out of their control. I also admire happy souls who naturally gravitate towards finding the positive side/silver lining in life.

30. What am I most proud of?

My blog.

31. What is my most treasured possession?

A set of five CorningWare glass-ceramic cookware my mum gave me less than three months before she died. She had two prized possessions, the cookware and a gold chain, both bought in the late 80s and worth A LOT more now. Since I asked for the cookware when I was moving out of home for the first time at the end of September 2017, my sister then got the gold chain when my mum died less than three months later.

32. Where is the best place that I’ve ever traveled?

Sadly I have not travelled much, both in and out of Kenya, but I LOVED Dubai (2016) and Cape Town (2019).

33. How do I want to be remembered?

As a good person. Flawed, but ultimately and decisively good. Someone bold, loyal, authentic and full of empathy. Someone who did her best to live life as fully and as passionately as she possibly could despite the many times her mental health threatened to get in the way of her doing so.

10 thoughts on “33 Facts About Me

  1. You have the same challenge as I do. Losing my mother 6 years ago was the hardest. I try to cope every day anew. You are an amazing Lady!


    1. Aaaaw!!! Thanks babe 😊
      Also, your comment came in as I was listening to folklore and I was going to DM you and tell you that enyewe epiphany imenikataa. Kabisaaaaaa. Man it’s the only song there I don’t love, let alone like. Lol


  2. Love this! Do you have a content calendar prompt for everyday? Also, I laughed out loud when you talked about getting DICKED DOWN. That was enough to click the “follow” link. *:)


    1. Thanks for the follow 😊 this was a VERY spontaneous post. I only decided on it the day before I put it up so I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊
      Content calendar prompt for everyday? Is it even possible to write everyday 😅 If that were the case when would I have time to get DICKED DOWN. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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