The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Book 29/30.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before getting into my review, I gotta say that I deliberately chose this for book 29 because my boyfriend was (and still is πŸ˜…) 29 when I revealed our wedding date to him 🀩😌

This was cute and fun and sexy!!
Romance is my favourite genre so I quite enjoyed this. I’m pretty certain I haven’t read a romance book with an interracial couple before, so that was dope. I enjoyed how the relationship between Alexa and Drew developed as the ups and downs all felt very real, even though their conflict could easily have been solved with simple communication.
Two things I really loved about this book were:
1) all the hot SAFE sex Alexa and Drew had. The word condom appears very many times in this book
2) all the food the characters consumed. There was just so much enthusiastic eating going on
The only thing about this book that didn’t fit for me was Drew’s voice. At times there were things he said or thought that didn’t come across as authentic to how a man would say/think them. In those instances it was very clear that this book was written by a woman, but it was not a major issue and did not deter me from enjoying the book.

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** A guide to ratings **
1 star – did not like it
2 stars – it was okay
3 stars – liked it
4 stars – really liked it
5 stars – it was amazing

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