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A thing or two I learned from Jeff…

‘Unavyonipenda’ by Charisma was playing in the background; Jeff was seated right next to me in the car on our way out to dinner. I remember thinking about how lucky I was that this man was pursuing me in all the ways I loved. I deserved a man who took time to learn my love languages, I wanted to be loved in the correct ways because I’d become more aware of what made me happier. He said all the right things and did them even better. I was happy, at least in the beginning.

I sat across from him at the dinner table, fantasizing about how good he smelled… I was impressed by all the effort he was putting in to get my attention and finally, here we were.


I felt that I was willing to give him a shot at exploring my body. I’d say my main motivation was that I was horny. Lakini mimi before nimegawa mali, lazma nikague repercussions za kuongeza body count. Was it worth it? What if sekete inidisappoint? Sasa nani hujiskia kuwaste sin hivo!!? That’s why I was holding out the whole time before and it helped that he wasn’t rushing me. Over the previous couple of months, we had built a friendship that I was enjoying every bit of, we had grown so close and it all felt genuine.


I was walking ahead of him on our way up the stairs to his house when he ran to catch up and grab me. I knew this was it! This was the moment. We always had some crazy sexual tension between us and I could feel it in my clit that we were about to have the steamiest session. His hand went up my thighs, caressing and teasing me… The moment his fingers reached my cunt, I felt an outburst of my lady juices trickle down my thighs as was usual when I was feelin’ a  nigga. For you to understand how intense this was, hakukua ata ameniguza or kunipiga mate at all, this was my body yearning for him!

I opened his zipper to feel his hard on and the more I rubbed his dick in my palm, the more aggressive he got and finally, I bent over to let him have it. Kumbukeni tuko kwa stairs, hatujafika floor yake ata, kuna cameras and anybody could have walked into the situation. I loved every bit of the risk!

Robertta's post image.jpgAfter aone strokes kadhaa zilikua zimefanya nianze kuhema kama generator inakufa, he pulled his pants up and held my hand to lead me up the stairs. Wadau, tulikua tunaingia katika kipindi cha katambe katambe! We were definitely in frenzy, me trying to take off my shoes, while he was trying to open his door and take his clothes off, the temporary madness only got more fevering and once we were inside the house, he pulled me on to his corridor wall and made me take it from the back like a big girl.

“Baby can I fuck you in your high heels?” he asked, whisking me away into his room and bending me over his dressing table. He was whispering in my ear, kissing on and breathing down my neck with his hard dick deep inside me, his hand gagging me so I could be a little less loud than I was. I really had no option but to keep my shoes on at this point, he stopped and asked me to follow him out for a smoke.

We were now at the balcony, nikalight shada, yeye fwaka. Watching him smoke his cigarette was such a turn on for me! The way he licked his lips and looked at me like he was ready to devour me had my pussy on its toes… He pulled me closer to his body and started fingering me again while trying to hush me. I couldn’t wait till we finished the sesh, nayo nayo, I turned around and let him stick it in me again. I loved how he always let out a moan during the first thrust, it was as if he felt his soul leaving his body. He kept on telling me how good it felt and heck yeah, I was ready to get on top and show him exactly what I was all about… he banged me by the refrigerator, his kitchen counter and all the way throughout the corridor into his room… I knew I was about to have the time of my life in there…


With him, it was always about the mutual thirst. The urge to light up sexual flames within each other that would unfortunately but eventually raze down a chemical connection I thought existed. I trusted him.

I could go on and on about how electric my experiences were, but in the end, I learned something from Jeff that hit home: If you live in my city, USE CONDOMS. Trust no one!

I bet you thought I was gonna say something deep lol.

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21 thoughts on “Guest Post – Robertta Bobbie

  1. “After aone strokes kadhaa zilikua zimefanya nianze kuhema kama generator inakufa,” Si nimecheka haaiiii. #lovedit


  2. The part ,the dripping woman juice ,makes the story jagajaga ,connect me with guys who want lessons of man ,romance and marriage before their wedding nights.


  3. “He pulled me closer to his body and started fingering me again while trying to hush me. I couldn’t wait till we finished the sesh, nayo nayo, I turned around and let him stick it in me again.”



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