Lwile’s Birthday Extravaganza

August 22nd is not only the last day of Leo season, it is also my one year blogiversary so as you can imagine I am over the moon right about now.


I put up my first Lwile the Leo post one year ago and today marks 365 days of this crazy, funny, saddening, hopefully inspiring, wild ride. So in honour of this auspicious occasion (I had to), I am sharing not one, not two, but three posts today. Wapi shangwe na vigelegele!!!

Wapi shangwe na vigelegele

First up in this pseudo trifecta is the titular Lwile’s Birthday Extravaganza. Leo Season 101 will go up at 4:20 p.m. (duh!) and last but definitely not least will be Let’s Talk Birthday Sex at the eleventh hour.

Shall we begin?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday!!! I have said before that I learnt to love my birthday from my mother so August 3rd is always an event for me but this year I was the most excited I have been in ages because:

  1. It was on a whole Saturday!! I obviously know how the calendar works 😐 but the last time my birthday fell on a Saturday was way back in 2013. Some days are just made for birthday celebrations and Saturday is one of them.
  2. My 31st year was the best year of my life and I was excited to bid it farewell as I start 32 off with fanfare.
  3. I am hoping to settle down soon so I wanted one last hurrah with my girls because it would be nice to have a bae next year to spoil me on the day. Lol. But ebu peep how some people *cough cough Juliet* do not want me to find a man so the blog, particularly the SATC category, can continue thriving. Lol.


This year I have really been feeling the Nairobi nightlife and seeing as my birthday was on a whole Saturday (!!!) I definitely wanted to go clubbing. Actually the initial plan for my birthday was to have a dicakthon … which is exactly what it sounds like. I wanted to have a couple of different guys over, with enough rest time between each guy, because man must smash. But sadly I do not have enough lovers/FWBs to pull that off (Lol? Le sigh?) so I settled on a night out instead. I had been planning to go to Milan from February so deciding where the night out would be was a no brainer.

When I say that I was beyond excited for my birthday this year I am not exaggerating as I even came up with an idea to create a “flyer” to invite my people to Milan. I searched for the most ratchet image I could find online (because ratchet was an intended theme for the night) and settled on this one:

Bday poster

I sent it together with accompanying copy to a creative who, bless her, designed two options for me:

As you can see, the copy was (badly) borrowed from season three of Stranger Things. Lol.Erica America.jpg

I settled for the option on the left and sent it to all the people I wanted to celebrate my bday with. Fun fact, I sent the invite to 22 people and only 1 of those was a guy. Lol.

The week leading up to my birthday I was a walking, talking ball of excitement and on my last day as a 31 year old I was so goddamn excited I wondered, only partly in jest, if I would be able to sleep that night. Lol. But sleep I did and I woke up the next day to a rainy morning which is one of my favourite ways to wake up provided I do not have to go to work or run any errands. So I lay in bed for a bit as I listened to the rain before starting off my day with two of my favourite things to do on a Saturday morning:

  1. Waking and baking
  2. Listening to Rick Dees

At 12:30 p.m. my sister called me to wish me a happy birthday and once that was done she said:

My sister: So I am sending someone over to do your makeup for you, and someone else to take pictures.

Me: Why?

My sister: Si because it’s your day.


Oh okay.gif

To say I did not see that coming is an understatement. Sadly the photo shoot did not pan out but the makeup artist came at around 3 p.m. and did the best job ever.

Selfie 1

Selfie 2

Selfie 3

Selfie 4

Would you believe me if I told you those unfiltered photos were taken by the front facing camera of my iPhone 6s? I was looking at them the other day and decided that I must get my face beat again and take some professional photos in a studio because dayyuumm!!!

At some point when the makeup artist was doing her thing I got a birthday text from someone who really excites me and the makeup artist said:

Sophia: That smile … huyo ni bae.

Me: LOL! Imagine no. It’s someone I’m tryna katia.

Sophia: Umesmile kama school girl. You can’t even hide it.

Some people should just know what their texts do to me. But, I digress.

For anyone who would like to get their makeup done I highly recommend Sophia. Her number is 0746 741872 so feel free to reach out if you want the best face beat ever. Plus she was absolutely professional and that is always appreciated. We had such a good time, and she put up with my many questions, mpaka by the time she was through I felt such camaraderie with her I asked her to have a shot with me.


I bought those three botis last year from Jumia’s Black Friday sale. I had finished the gold and silver simultaneously a month or so ago and I only had two shots left of the chocolate one that we took with Sophia. Who, by the way, was also kind enough to wait for me to enjoy my birthday 420 before applying the lipstick. Dope ass babe. Hit her up. You will not be disappointed. I now use one of the pics I took that day for all my socials because it was insane just how beautiful I looked!

Good selfie.jpg

After that I went to Milan and was joined by my people and had THE BEST TIME EVER!!! Yaani it got so lit that the following morning I could barely remember how the club looked. Or how the night ended 😐 So in lieu of using words I do not have to explain a night I do not quite remember, I will use pictures instead. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words they say.


It appears I am now 23. Lol!

My cousin Vanessa sent me a birthday text the morning of and said:


Let the crowd say amen!






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