Z Is For Zimenishika

Zimenishika zimenishika zimenishika yo Mahali nimefika zimenishika zimenishika yo Zimenishika zimenishika zimenishika yo Niki (puff puff) kimenishika yo Yassssssssssssss!! We are finally at the last letter of The Alphabet Series. Woohoo!! For the last letter of The Alphabet Series we are talking weed. Aka Mary Jane. Aka kush. Aka bhangi. Aka ganja. Aka shadda. Aka … Continue reading Z Is For Zimenishika

Q Is For Queens

Urban Dictionary defines a Queen as a beautiful girl who doesn't take disrespect from nobody! She's smart and does what she wants when she wants. She doesn't let nobody bully her and kicks ass! For today’s post I am highlighting 13 Queens, both local and international, who inspire me with their take-no-prisoners approach to everything … Continue reading Q Is For Queens