Leo Season 101

I am the quintessential Leo – fiery, huge ego, loyal AF, bold, bossy, big personality, way too real, intelligent, domineering, arrogant, passionate, impatient, opinionated, generous, headstrong, funny.

The intro to today’s post is lifted directly from the About Me section on my blog. You do not need to know me intimately to know that I am a Leo AF. After all, my blog is called Lwile the Leo …


I cannot remember exactly when I started paying attention to astrology but probably around 2010/2011. I can go on for quite a bit about astrology but not today. For today just know that I wait for the clock to strike midnight on July 23rd with bated breath so that Leo season can officially begin.

Leo season 1

I read something last month in a Cosmo article that blew my mind so I’mma share it:

In astrology, almost every sign has to share its planetary ruler with another sign. Leo is an exception and the only sign ruled by the Sun—how fitting, since every Leo has to be the center of attention! The Sun represents your ego, creativity, and sense of self, so Leo season is the ultimate time for feelin’ yourself. It’s the sign of royalty, recreation, and romance, so you’re more focused on doing things you want to do over work or running errands. It’s also worth noting that Saturn, planet of responsibility, is at its weakest in Leo, so it makes sense that the next month puts you in a very “all play, no work” mind-set.

So yeah, if you felt like turning up this Leo season you know why. Lol. Also, that attention thing though 🙂

Leo season 2.jpg

There are some really bomb celebrity Leos outchea. My fave is Meghan Markle because as I have said before if there is someone I want to be so bad it is Meghan. Fun fact, she was born the day after me (August 4th). Other notable Leos include, but are not limited to: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Barrack Obama, Angela Bassett (can I just say how bomb and sexy Angela is and ati she turned 61!!! this year), Madonna, J.K. Rowling, Charlize Theron, Mila Kunis, Halle Berry, James Corden, Usain Bolt, Viola Davis … obviously I could go on and on but as you can see, I am in good company.

Leo season is always such a vibe for me and this year was no exception. There have been some major highlights for me this Leo season, the biggest one being my birthday. I had the best time ever, but maybe too good of a time because the next day I could barely remember what Milan looks like. Lol. I even decided to go back during Leo season and see the place again, or rather for the “first time”, but none of my people were down to go back with me. Clearly it was too lit for everyone. Lol. Love it!

Around my birthday was also when I realised that I am down to say “yes new friends” this year. In the podcast we did with Adelle for International Day of Friendship we both mentioned that we are very apprehensive when it comes to making new friends. For the longest time I have been uninterested in making new friends but I have interacted with some dope ass people this year and they made me change my mind i.e. Mumo & Max who I met at university and Michelle & Diana who I met at the gym.

Another highlight was my annual leave that I usually take in August. I had initially planned to go to Watamu but in the end I opted to stay in Nairobi and lemme tell you guys I got to experience how it feels like to be self-employed. And it is the best thing ever! I would wake up around 9 a.m. → read in bed till around 10 a.m. → write for a few hours → head to the gym early afternoon when it is not busy → watch my shows in the evening → have late night sex → tena repeat repeat. *Mejja voice*

I swear guys this writing shit better pay off! I know it will, but like, it better! I am aiming to be self-employed within the next three years as I will be 35 then. Two years is a more challenging deadline but my OCD cannot allow me to commit to being self-employed by 34 as that is a weird number 😐 But yes, I am speaking into existence that by 35 I will be self-employed. Do you have any big, scary goals dear reader? Feel free to share them in the comment section so that we speak our big, scary goals into existence and hold each other to accountability.

Another big thing that happened this Leo season is that I rejoined Twitter.

Back on Twitter.jpg

I first joined Twitter in 2009 but left in 2014/2015 because, IMO, it had become lame AF. Last month though I started checking out Robertta’s Twitter during my downtime at work and I would spend so much time LMAOing and taking screenshots of some of my favourite tweets. It was not long before I realised that I might as well rejoin Twitter given how much time I spend on the site. My handle is @misslwile, please follow me as going forward the plan is to use Twitter to “promote” my blog posts and not my Instagram unless there is a bomb ass feature image involved. Also, it is quite telling that one of the things I was looking forward to most about rejoining Twitter was drunk tweeting. Lol.

One thing this Leo season had is all of the feels. From my sister secretly arranging for a professional to do my makeup on the day to all the love I felt on my bday night out. After rejoining Twitter is also when I found out that my cousin Vanessa has been sharing my blog posts every Wednesday on her Twitter page. On the day before my birthday my kababy put up the sweetest, most touching blog post about me that you can read here.


This Leo season has been the best ever and has left me so full of love, happiness, peace and promise. My 32nd year has really gotten off to a roaring (hehe!) start and I cannot fucking wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

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