Small Small Commentary On The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo

Today is the penultimate (I realllllllyyyyyy love that word) day of 2020 and what a year it has been! I will capture my sentiments about the year in my Kwaheri 2020 post tomorrow, but damn what a year!

The initial plan for today was to put up a post inspired by something I read regarding Chadwick Boseman in the days after his death, but as we got closer to the day I felt less inclined to put up a major post today and another one tomorrow. That would be too much writing and I am just tryna rest fam!

Lucky for me my boyfriend inadvertently gave me a plan B with his beautifully written guest post from two weeks ago. Once I read it there were bits of it I immediately wanted to offer commentary on, because some things he wrote have a deeper meaning that only the two of us know. And then just yesterday I thought why not explain it in a post of my own, so here we are.


She’s got a smile like no other and looks just like her mother.

And her heart’s so big like the land down under

Queen of the fancy dress, always looks fresh to death.

With shoes for every occasion, there’s so much more I could mention.

I mean! Did you see the rundown of my 2019 lewks!? I put them together in my leap year post titled Never Waste A Lewk! that you can check out here so I do not have to flex again. Lol. When I was putting up that post on Feb 29th I was so damn sure I would serve even more lewks this year. 2020 must have read that post like:

Hundreds of bottles stacked, she’s a wine connoisseur.

I often wonder how much more expensive alcohol Lwish can secure.

She’s got astonishing taste in men with dreadlocks and facial hair.

No wonder young, fine gentlemen like her boyfriend are so rare.

He loooves to point out how Savara, my all-time Kenyan celebrity crush, as well as former crushes Nviiri and Muya from H_art The Band all have dreads and beards. Lol. Clearly good sis here has a type. Lol.

Fuck boys ain’t her aesthetic, she’s allergic to them.

If it wasn’t for “Bruce Banner” she’d have given up on men.

A friend of mine loved how he quoted my 2018 post Fuckboys Are Not My Aesthetic.

Same girl. Same.

If you read my post Fire Flames where I wrote about THE MOST FIRE FLAMES SEX I AM HAVING *major brag*, then you know that is where the Bruce Banner bit comes from.

For our six month anniversary I got my boyfriend a customised wallet with “Bruce Banner” inscribed on the front and “THE HULK” inscribed on the inside because the wallet he had at the time was a gift from his ex and it had to go. Lol. For real though.

When he says “she’d have given up on men you know that much is true if you read FRIENDSHIP & CAMARADERIE as I had decided to take a break from men just before I met my boyfriend.

Listens to Taylor Swift, listens to Ariana.

Tattooed across her chest similarly to Rihanna.

I mean, if you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories yesterday evening you know I was gushing about evermore, Taylor Swift’s latest album. I barely did any writing yesterday evening and for that I fully blame evermore but I do not regret it even one bit. Lol. In fact next year on my Facebook page (please like and follow my page 😊) I will be putting up mini blog posts on random shit I am into, starting with positions (Ariana Grande’s latest album) and evermore.

Chocolate and Christmas movies, she likes to start them early.

That combo isn’t better than watching the sunrise in Diani.

Between December 14th and 24th my boyfriend and I watched I made my boyfriend watch Christmas movies with me as we ate chocolate. I picked out the movies we would watch and arranged them from what we I was least likely to enjoy, to my all-time favourite Love Actually.

In those 10 days we watched:

  1. Christmas Together
  2. A Nashville Christmas Carol
  3. A Little Christmas Charm – absolutely loooved this one!!
  4. A California Christmas
  5. Operation Christmas Drop
  6. Happiest Season
  7. Love Actually

Christmas movies are incredibly cheesy and predictable and that is exactly why I love them. My boyfriend on the other hand was not having a good time up until Happiest Season, but he loves me and like he said “when it comes to Lwish there’s nothing I wouldn’t do” so he watched all the Christmas movies with me. We did not get to watch The Princess Switch: Switched Again, something I am still bummed about, so it is a top priority next year. FYI mon bebé there is already a 2021 Christmas movie list that kicks off on December 1st 😊

Our anniversary is next week and we will be celebrating it in Diani. We are getting there the day before our anniversary because my boyfriend came up with the brilliant, romantic idea to catch the sunrise on the morning of our anniversary.

Feet deep in the sand while having a solo stroll.

I know she wants to have a place by the beach to call home.

This is in reference to my solo beach vacations in 2014 (Malindi), 2016 (Diani) and 2018 (Malindi) and the fact that one of my life goals is to own beachfront property.

Gifting her from time to time is the way to her heart.

The element of surprise, that’s a good way to stunt.

Receiving gifts is my primary love language and as a result I am a gift giving maester, but for my boyfriend receiving gifts is not one of his main love languages so he has learnt, and is continuing to learn, how to love me in my primary love language. E.g. for every one of our monthly anniversaries this year my boyfriend has given me a bouquet of flowers. He is also BIG on ‘the EOS’ (the element of surprise) and has managed to totally surprise me this year, both on anniversaries and on normal days.

When it comes to Lwish there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.


Ever since my boyfriend’s guest post went up two weeks ago he started randomly, spontaneously kissing the butterfly tattoo on my left wrist and it makes me swoon every! single! time! he does it.

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