Never Waste A Lewk!

Happy Leap Day dear reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Leap Day

If you know me, whether personally or via reading the blog, then you know I am high-key obsessed with dates. So I have really been looking forward to today because, for someone who is obsessed with dates, a Leap Day is like the Holy Grail because it only comes around every four years.

My boyfriend understands my obsession with dates and knew that I wanted to do something out of the ordinary today because Leap Day 2020 simply cannot pass without doing something significant. So we are going ice skating later on, 100% his idea, something I have never done before in my life, and I am both very nervous and excited. I am also very ready to embarrass myself with all the falling I will do, but I have already fallen hard for this man so…


Lol. I digress.

Seeing as I was not going to let this day pass unobserved in my personal life, I was not going to let it pass unobserved in my blog either.

So here we are.

Going back to the title, Never Waste A Lewk! is (as of now) the title of the upcoming fashion section of the blog that launches … soon. As soon as I figure out the structure and vibe of the content:

Errrm ...

Going back to today’s post, it hit me in the first few days of the year that I should have explained the lewks in my Kwaheri 2019 posts. A few days too late because the post went up on the last day of 2019. But I have been thinking about it so here we are: an easy, quick filler post that is arguably a good read as well.

And with that, let’s goooooooo!!!!

  1. February 28

Lewk 1

Practically a year ago to the day, I wore this lewk to watch Lavosti and Roots Connection Band play at Kengele’s. The first time I heard them play was during my pub crawl when I went to Kengele’s every day during the last week of November 2018 looking for a man with a British accent week I met the Saturday before. I have seen the band a handful of times since that November 2018 and I love love love them sooo much that I want them to play at my wedding. I have not seen them on stage since the day I wore this lewk as they no longer play at Kengele’s and I do not know where they play nowadays. So if you know where I can catch their performances now, please HMU.

2. March 1

Lewk 2
Stoned AF!

I went to Altitude for a pool party that looked interesting, but the service was the worst so we left early and went to join some colleagues of mine at Space. I ended up getting home at 7 a.m. the next day 😐

I was to crochet my hair in town that Saturday so I woke up at around midday only to be derailed by my BFF. Lol. It was Adelle’s sister’s birthday and I met them at Lavington Mall at around 3 p.m. for drinks. Long story short, I left my car at the office on the Friday I went to Altitude and was only getting around to going for it on Sunday morning. Lol.

3. March 6

Lewk 3

I was going to the Brew Bistro on Ngong Road that evening after work for Nairobi Restaurant Week.

4. March 27

Lewk 4

At our Airbnb in Cape Town being the most excited for the Ed Sheeran concert at I was leaving for in a few minutes.

5. April 19

Lewk 5

‘Twas the night before 420 🙂 I was with Adelle and her fam at Sierra Bar and Grill for her cousin’s birthday dinner.

6. May 17

Intentional seduction

Random day at the office.

7. June 7

Lewk 6

Random day at the office.

It was a Friday but I went to the gym at the end of the day. Lol. It was the last month of my three months off booze so plans were at a minimum that quarter 😐

8. August 1

Hello August
Hello August

First day of birthmonth vibes!! I was meant to go for an industry event at Brew Bistro where there would be free food and drinks, but I opted to go home and finish up 13.31. A decision that remains one of my best to date because the post, that went up on my last day as a 31 year old, resonated with quite a few people judging from the feedback I received.

9. August 3


At my 32nd birthday celebration at Milan.

10. August 16

Lewk 8

Last Friday of Leo season at Milan. I decided on Milan because my birthday celebration was so lit I remembered nothing about Milan the next day. Not how the club looked. Not where the bathrooms were. Not leaving the club. Nothing.

Spoiler alert: I also do not remember leaving Milan on this day. Lol.

11. August 22

Lewk 9

Last day of Leo season, aka my blogiversary. I went to Sierra to have dinner with the voucher I won from the EatOut flash fiction writing competition for my story Minutes to Midnight. But I was still so full from lunch so I just bought ice cream cake from Coldstone and went home and opened a bottle of wine I had been saving for a special occasion. An award-winning Kenyan Sauvignon Blanc from Leleshwa I bought when I went on my first ever wine tour at the Morendat Farm in February 2018.

12. August 26

Lewk 10

Random day at the office.

This dress was Twitter’s absolute favourite. I mean it has just under 400 likes last I checked. I was sooo confused by my mentions at the time because I had just rejoined Twitter on my birthday that month so I was not that acquainted with the app. My phone was blowing the fuck up for like two/three days! It was nuts!!

Also sooo many people, dudes mainly, thought I was a teacher. I call those two/three days “The Great Interest in Mwalimu Lwile.” Lol.

13. August 28

Lewk 11

I was going to Milan for some gig that evening after work.

Fun fact: I wore this little number on my first date with my boyfriend. I wanted to buy a blue dress so that I wear something new, but true to form (as I would soon come to know well) he surprised me and asked me out much sooner than I thought he would 🙂

14. September 7

Lewk 12

My lewk for the Konshens concert. As soon as I processed that Konshens was coming to Kenya I knew I only wanted to wear the bootiest of booty shorts for the concert.

15. September 18

Lewk 13

Random day at the office.

16. September 21

A whole snack

About to leave my place for a party at Ole Polos. It would be my first time there, and the guy who invited me would end up bringing another chick to the room to try and fuck her because he thought I was sleeping 😐

17. October 5

Lewk 14

At the Tusker OktobaFest at Ngong Racecourse with my BFF and her husband. An excellent time was had by all 🙂

18. October 13

Lewk 15 a

On my way to The Alchemist for Fena’s listening party for her upcoming album and asked my waxing lady to take some pics coz this was a lewk!

19. October 18

Lewk 16

At Blue Door for a cousin’s birthday. We did not stay there long because the birthday girl was not feeling the place so we moved to K1. I was not feeling the move AT ALL because Nviiri and the Sauti Sol guys were at Blue Door. I had a huge crush on Nviiri at the time and I was so sad to leave because I would be leaving with the opportunity to meet him. But I ended up meeting him the next month at Milan so all’s well that ends well. Lol.

20. October 25

Lewk 17 b

At Ikigai for The Spread Live as The Vibrating Lawyer’s assistant helping her sell sex toys. I reasoned that when selling sex toys one perhaps ought to look like sex and I dare say I nailed it 😉

21. November 12

Lewk 18

On this day my BFF Adelle hosted The Moth in Nairobi but I was not at the event. Around the time the tickets were on sale I was battling my first ever bout of depression and I did not fully understand what was happening as I had never had depression before. All I knew was that no matter how hard I tried I could not muster up enough enthusiasm to buy a ticket for my BFF’s event. I may not have understood what was going on with me but I knew it was bad because ordinarily I would have bought a ticket the minute they were on sale. My therapist helped me realise it was depression but by the time I was coming out of it, the event was already sold out. Adelle tried to see if she could work something out but unfortunately there was nothing she could do. I had left my house dressed for any outcome, so since I was meant to go with a friend for The Moth we did something else instead that evening.

22. November 28

Lewk 19

Thanksgiving Day 2019. I selected this lewk because I was surprising my boyfriend (not my boyfriend at the time though) that morning and wanted to look fucking gorgeous. I managed to REALLY surprise him … and that is all I will say about that day 🙂

23. December 31

Dec 31 2019

My last lewk of 2019. This unedited, unfiltered photo was taken by Adelle in the wee hours of New Year’s Day at The Tav.

4 thoughts on “Never Waste A Lewk!

  1. Never waste a lewk!!!
    Totally love the read! Plus I made it to the blog!!🤗🤗🤗
    In totally unrelated news: Judy was at my place this morning and she left heading to yours…
    Plus your boyfie was coming to your place so… As you say, “if you know, you know…” 😈😉


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