Hot For Hump Day

Wednesday is hands down my favourite day of the workweek. I fucking hate Monday, and Tuesday is just the ugly cousin of Monday. *rolls eyes*

The term hump day came about as Wednesday is in the middle of the working week, so if you were climbing over a hill it would be the tallest part. The term is used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week, because by the time Wednesday rolls around you can practically smell the weekend and I love it!

You can say I am hot for hump day as there is something about Wednesday I have always loved. I mean, it is not a coincidence that my blog posts go up on Wednesday. I chose this day specifically for its pure hump day vibes!!!!!!! If you peep my Instagram you will notice that Wednesday is the day I tend to serve major lewks, and before I joined Ultra Fitness Gym on April 1, 2019 I would rarely go straight home from work on Wednesday because never waste a lewk!

With that said, my favourite thing about this day is the three Ws of Wednesday: Weed, Wine and Wank.

Lol. Jk. Kinda.

I wrote about my love for weed in Z Is For Zimenishika, which was the final post of 2019’s The Alphabet Series that you can check out here so I do not have to repeat myself. But I will say this:

Love is fleeting, marijuana is forever ~ Lwilé’s philosophies

Now onto wine 🙂

Like most people, I started off as a sweet wine drinker but as I grew older my palette evolved and after my inaugural trip to Malindi in June 2014 I came back a dry wine drinker and I have never looked back. I love love love my wine which is why from 2012 I started keeping my empty wine bottles to serve as part memories-part décor for when I eventually moved into my own house. The first bottle I kept was a Fragolino (my BFF and I were obsessed with that wine) that I bought on August 3, 2012 for my 25th birthday 🙂 I now have around 150 wine bottles in my collection and my favourite thing about them is that no two bottles are the same. So as you can imagine, those are a looooooot of memories 🙂

On February 24, 2018 I had the opportunity to go on my first ever wine tour with Leleshwa courtesy of DSTV Kenya, and it was the most amazing experience.

Leleshwa-DSTV Kenya wine tour

We got to tour the vineyard and our lovely guide Emma educated us on the various types of grapes and the wines they produce.

Chenin BlancMalbecSauvignon BlancShiraz

We then got to sample all the wines we had just learnt about together with the some very yummy canapés: fruit, cheese, olives, charcoal crackers, cheddar crackers, salsa topped bruschetta, mushroom topped bruschetta etc.


After that we headed across the road to the Morendat farm where we were served a lovely four course meal prepared by The Cherry Tomato as we enjoyed more and more wine.

Main course
Main course
Sooo much wine
Sooo much wine!!!

At the end of the day I bought a bottle of their award-winning Sauvignon Blanc with the intention of saving it for a special occasion, and I opened it on August 22, 2019 for my one year blogiversary.

Leleshwa award-winning Sauvignon Blanc

In what will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, by the time we were getting back to Nairobi I was not sober at all!! I mean, I only took pics of two of the four courses. Lol.

My second wine tour was on March 22, 2019 when my sister, cousin, friend and I went to Cape Town for the Ed Sheeran Divide World Tour.

Our tour was organised by Wine Flies and I cannot compliment them enough. If you are ever in CT and would like to go for a wine tour I highly recommend booking with Wine Flies.

We were picked up around 8:15 a.m. as we were the first ones on our guide’s route. Terrence (our guide) was, quite simply, everything. He was well versed in knowledge of the area and of wine (duh!). He was also really really really funny, charming, intelligent, witty, patient, and a shitload of fun. Oh, and he was cute too. Plus he had a tattoo of a wine bottle + a wine glass on his hand that I found absolutely brilliant. Methinks I shall get one as well. So many times during the day I kept (JOKINGLY) thinking “damn I am ready to be a second wife.” Lol.

Look at how happy I am. Lol

Our first stop on the tour was Usana Wine Farm where we got to sample a Pinot Gris, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon.



Our second stop was Lovane Boutique Wine Estate for a wine and chocolate pairing.


After that we headed for lunch (and more wine obvs) at Middelvlei Wine Estate where we were served a delicious Braai.




After lunch we headed to Villeria Wines for champagne tasting.


Villeria Nessa

Our last stop was Mitre’s Edge Wine Estate for a wine and cheese pairing.


And now last but not least, the final W of Wednesday. Circa 2014 a colleague of mine at the time noticed that I always drink wine and smoke up on Wednesdays. One day she jokingly suggested that I should wank as well to make it the three Ws of Wednesday, and that is how the term was born. At the time I never used to wank so I would eat chocolate as my version of wanking because studies show the same hormones that are released when you eat chocolate are the same ones that are released during sex. Then in 2016, during my first foray into blogging, the third W transitioned from “wank” to write. Then in 2019 when I bought my first vibrator from Gspot Kenya the final W went back to wank and frfr this time. Lol. I will definitely pick this up in Let’s Talk Masturbation that should be out during Leo season one month from now!!!

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