Lwile The Leo Is Two Today!!



How time flies aki. It feels like just the other day I was putting up my first post on Lwile the Leo and now here we are, two years and 131 creative writing posts later.

Allow me to geek out a little bit over the number 131. It is exciting to me because I consider it a play on 13.31 which is the title of a post I put up last year on my last evening as a 31 year old. That sequence of numbers is important to me because 13 is a mirror image of 31. My mum died on the 13th and for some reason the number has been ubiquitous in my life since December 2017. Actually both 13 and 31 were highly present in my 31st year, sometimes by choice but most times by chance.

Last year on this day I put up three posts to mark my one year blogiversary:

    1. Lwile’s Birthday Extravaganza
    2. Leo Season 101
    3. Let’s Talk Birthday Sex

For this year’s blogiversary I am opening a Facebook page for the blog because for two years Lwile the Leo has grown organically and the time has come to discover which heights it can reach when I start doing sponsored posts on Facebook. So please look out for that and follow my page 🙂 I will also be dropping a post at 4:20 because an epic blogiversary post ni muhimu!

The last two years have been quite the journey. I have laughed (Sasa Hizi Ni Nini), I have cried (F Is For Firstborns, H Is For Hope), I have bravely taken ownership of the ugly parts of my story (Let The Light In, Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.). It is not always easy to be so open and vulnerable, but I started this blog with a commitment to comfort and inspire and I have never lost sight of that. Which is why it makes my heart sing anytime someone reaches out to me to let me know how much my words resonated with them.

I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for being part of this journey with me because the blog would not be the same without y’all. Adhile, Aymarose, Bibiana, Birgen Lotter, Caroline, Edna, Esther Mboche, Fifi Fiona, Frankie, Gladwell G, Ishiola, Kare, Keith, Kui, Laura, Malcolm, Mary Machuka, Mbaire, Met, Miriam, Mitchell, Mucabwa, Nyambura Murakaru, Phillippa, Purity, Ruthoroni, Sandra Tacko, Tsonil, Valerie Ndeto and Waithira. Obviously I have more than 30 readers 😐 but the aforementioned ladies and three gentlemen are the readers who either like almost all of my posts and/or who I interact with often on social media, sana sana pale Instagram kwa DM. Y’all give me so much encouragement and motivation in the moments I most need it and for that I am eternally grateful. I am also eternally grateful for my family, friends and incredible boyfriend for being on this journey with me.

The last two years have been nothing short of life-changing, so cheers to 200 (you get the point) more years.


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